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Freedom Requires Boundaries

Do birds know they are free to fly? Do turtles know they are free to swim? Do badgers know they are free to dig? And do the instincts that cause these animals to use these skills help them appreciate their freedoms? I don’t think so.

We on the other hand, speaking as Americans,  have the ability and the privilege and the responsibility to appreciate our freedoms. I especially see the importance of appreciation. How do we lift the haze that is made up of busy lives to see these hard-won rights? Freedom is defined and determined by boundaries. What boundaries have allowed you to see and appreciate your freedoms?

In simplicity, the solid white line on the right and the dotted white line on the left of a two-lane road are demarcated boundaries, defining not only the requirements of judicious driving but also allowing the drivers to travel with minimal feelings of impending peril. If all other drivers follow the rules of the road, each has the freedom to embark on a journey at efficient speed and to reach the intended destination.  These ubiquitous white lines never evoke a welling up of  great gratitude, but the freedom they afford serve as plain examples of the definition and determination of a boundary. For one moment today, appreciate a white line. Then consider what other boundary has defined and determined one of your freedoms.